View-Master: Viewing the World Since the 1940s

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Sawyers viewmaster 1st version box 1 b91c19bde67f359217d88fa8d7773210
A first-version example of the View-Master.

The View-Master sparks a child’s imagination almost as much as reading a book. It seems to magically transform flat, two-dimensional pictures into a three-dimensional landscape. It’s as if you could step into the picture. Choosing your favorite reel, placing it inside the reel slot, then pulling the trigger would instantly send you on an adventure. It is a way to see the world without leaving your home. Trading disks on the school bus and having that little round disk case in your backpack made you popular in first and second grade.

The View-Master was one of my favorite toys growing up. I remember my parents giving this toy to me in the 1990s around my seventh birthday. My first collection of View-Master disks was images of the solar system, black holes, and stars. I’ll never forget the feeling of placing the small plastic device up to my eyes for the first time. It was as if I had traveled millions of lightyears to locations across the milky way. Dreams of becoming an astronaut filled my head.

The View-Master is a toy that has been a fond memory of the last four generations. This timeless toy has stood the test of time and will celebrate its eighty-third birthday in 2022.

History of the View-Master

You could say that the View-Master was an improved version of the late 19th-century stereoscope, which was a binocular-like device created for viewing two images side by side. These images had slight differences so that when you placed the postcard inside, it gave the image a 3D effect. It’s crazy to think that 3D images have been around for 130+ years. It was the perfect method of seeing the world without expensive traveling costs. Most women used the stereoscope in the late 1800s for entertainment.

Stereoscope assorted stereoscope 540 31ab5f24703a09c0d71a0ae26fbbff24
A stereoscope with assorted cards.

Rare View-Master Finds

No View-Master collection is complete without the one that started it all. The first design of the View-Master opened like a compact, and you placed the disk inside. Then, in the late 1940s, the design changed so that you slid the disk into the viewer’s top. This feature is what was called the clamshell model. William Gruber and Harold Graves originally came up with the idea. Graves was the CEO of Sawyers Photographic Services and thought it was a great way to expand the company by promoting the View-Master as an educational device.

View-Master Treasures

The Talking View-Master is one of the unique designs in this item’s history. This version came out in the early 1970s, but the design changed again in 1981. GAF produced two models of this style, and both are very rare. If you manage to find one, you can expect to pay between $75 and $100 for it. The disk for this style not only had the images but also had a disk for the sound. The makers of View-Master decided to go back to the initial design due to complaints about poor sound quality. If you are a collector of unique pieces, then keep a sharp eye out for this model because if you manage to find one, it’s likely you won’t find another.

Another great piece to add to your View-Master collection is the original reels sold at the 1940 New York World’s Fair. These reels mainly were of pictures taken all over the U.S. The detailed color images contained in these 3D reels were a phenomenon in those days. Most people went to the world fair to get an idea of what was popular. Then, they visited the invention exhibits to glimpse what the future held.

Of course, when collecting anything vintage, it’ll be worth more in its original box, and the condition matters when deciding the value. The Model D is a unique piece that was first released in 1955. Everyone considered it the best version due to the new adjustable viewing feature. However, it was common for that piece to fall out and get lost. So if you come across this model, make sure that it has the little metal disk just above the left eye lends that bore the View-Master logo. Not having that piece will affect the value.

Viewmaster focusing viewer model box 1 84dae914d4cb4805ba5d1ebf4fd13f02 1
View-Master Model D.

I Can Show You the World

The View-Master “Classic” has been reissued in the last few years, appealing to the nostalgic demographic. However, if you are looking for one to give your children the same experience you had as a child, then a simple visit to or is all you need to do.

I no longer have my solar system and galaxy reels collection, nor do I have my little red and blue View-Masters. Still, I’ll never forget the feeling of seeing the solar system in stereo.

Rebecca Coram is a freelance journalist and a novelist. She has a passion for history, books, and writing. When not writing, reading, or chasing her toddlers around, Rebecca loves going antiquing with her family and learning new things.  

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