Toony Terrors - ELVIRA!

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Toony Terrors Series 6 - Elvira: Mistress of the Dark - Neca Toys 2021

I made a disturbing discovery lately. None of the younger generation of my family know who Elvira is. Nine Nieces and Nephews ranging from 5 to 19 have had no exposure. After appropriately shaming my siblings for this educational neglect, I immediately set to correcting the problem. And I think I successfully created a small legion of fans. Elvira was an absolute staple of my childhood. She made me realize the campy nature of spooky movies at an age when I would have run away in fear. As I became an adult toy collector, I have always had a portion of my collection dedicated to vampy women. This can span from Disney witches to Vampirella and everyone in-between. Needless to say, Elvira has always has a place of prominence among the group, and I'm always super excited to add a new representation of her. This Toony Terrors figure is amazing. I think she will quickly be overshadowed by the upcoming Neca figure, but she really looks great and deserves a purchase. Let's check out Elvira below!

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