The 50 Best Toys of 2019

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We say this every year, but it remains true: toys have never been better. Seriously. This year, companies released an onslaught of incredible products for kids of all ages: innovative infant stacking toys; a robotic bird that talks back to its owner; a Nerf gun that fires darts 120 feet. These are just some of the items that made their way onto our list of the 50 Best Toys of 2019. On it, you’ll find toys across all age groups that our team of Fatherly editors, everyday dads, and enthusiastic kids have deemed innovative, educational, or just really, really fun. (You can jump to toys for Infant+, Ages 2–3, Ages 4–5, Ages 6–7, and Ages 8+).


How do we select our winners? It is daunting. The sheer volume of products available — not to mention bells and whistles  — makes it difficult to separate the fun-and-innovative from the actually-loud-and-frustrating, the surprisingly thoughtful from the supreme time-wasters. We asked: What can be played with over and over again? What will entertain them? What won’t make you want to smash it to bits after you hear it turn on for the millionth time? And we whittled down our list from there. We’re sure both you and your kids will find something on it to enjoy.

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