Santa list for my 3 kids (2-5 years old gifts)

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This is the first year I feel like I have a good handle on Christmas (I’m so so so excited!!!) and that’s all thanks to making a “Santa” list ahead of time (I’ve been making a little list throughout the year actually, taking notes of what the kids like and actually play with, and whenever they see something they like, I tell them I’ll add it to their Santa list and tell them the elves need time to make toys!) So today I’ll share what I’m buying my 3 kids for Christmas, aka, their Santa lists. I have 2.5 year old boy/girl twins and a 4.5 year old boy for age reference. They’ll each get a few individual gifts, and then some group gifts!
Stack of presents

Gifts for a 2 year old girl

Gifts for a 2 year old girl
Tea set | Mouse ballerina | Jewelry box | Dump truck
  • Rainbow unicorn tea set– My little Frankie loves setting up little tea parties, and how cute is this rainbow unicorn tea set? I’m so excited for this one!
  • Dress up mouse ballerina – I got this little dress up ballerina set when I saw it 2 months ago, it’s selling out fast. I originally got somewhere that’s saying it’s only in stock in Feb, so here is a link (had 16 left in stock when I posted this!) There’s also this dress up mouse family set.
  • Jewelry kit/set – Every morning Frankie asks for accessories (she has 1 bracelet and clips/bows) so this set is perfect, it has everything!!!
  • Pink dump truck – Frankie loves anything pink, and I mean, c’mon, a pink dump truck so she can play with the boys? How perfect!

Gifts for a 4 year old boy

  • Motorized car building set – Ben LOVES building things, and even though this says ages 6+ I think he’ll absolutely love building it with Nick.
  • Learning clock – This was actually Ben’s request, he saw a picture and wanted a learning clock, I love it, it looks so neat and educational!
Gifts for boys
Clock | Car building set | Drill along kit | Bulldozer truck

Gifts for a 2 year old boy

Gifts for boy siblings

Hot Wheels
Track loop | Car | Road tape
  • Hot Wheels massive loop – The boys have seen commercials for this loop and keep talking about it, cannot wait for them to see it in person, it looks massive lol.
  • Hot Wheels cars – Just a small set for them to add to their collection!
  • Road tape – How cool is this? They love putting painters tape on the carpet and making ‘roads’ for their cars, so this is amazing!

Gifts for siblings – aka gifts I’m getting for all 3 kids

Gifts for all the kids
Bean bag chair | Aprons | Matching PJs | Magnet tiles | Bowling set | Bird houses
  • Bean bag chairs – We got a bean bag chair for Ben when he was little and he has used that thing to the ground, all three kids want to sit on it when we watch tv, so we got them each their own!
  • Personalized aprons – The kids love helping me cook, now they each will have their own personalized apron! Here are some other super cute kid aprons
  • Matching pjs – for Christmas we always get a set of family matching pjs from Hanna Anderson (we of course get the gnome print!)
  • Magnet tiles– I cannot tell you how amazing it is to see 3 kids playing with something together. They all love magnets, so I’m going to get them this set
  • Indoor bowling set – All 3 kids loved playing with the little bowling set at daycare, so we got them this fancy one. There’s also a much more affordable one I found at Target here.
  • Wooden bird houses to paint – This was a request from Ben to add to the Santa list (a bird house to paint) and I love this set!

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