Retail Reopenings And Redirection Amid The Coronavirus

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The business and consumer timelines for reopening retail don’t quite match up, which could be devastating news for malls. Several conditions beyond government permission will be needed for consumers to consider anything near typical shopping behavior. And in retail strategy, educational toy company Learning Resources is pivoting into content amid the COVID-19 crisis. All this, Today in Data.


2,500: Minimum number of learning activities offered to parents and teachers by Learning Resources.

178: Number of days consumers believe the pandemic will last, into October.

31.4%: Share of consumers who said personal health was their biggest concern in returning to pre-crisis commerce levels.

12.3%: Portion of consumers who said on March 6 that they would shift their shopping to digital channels.

12: Minimum number of months it would take for a coronavirus vaccine to be developed.

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