Moms Must Know, This 7 Essential Furniture For Nursery

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Every moms always wants to give the best for her children, and if you are currently a mother-to-be who is preparing for the birth of a baby, there are a few things you should know. Creating a nursery may be the best thing you can do, but a nursery is not just putting baby cribs and painting the walls bright colors, but there is a very important design element that you cannot ignore, namely baby furniture.

If you already have an idea how the nursery will be, make sure these seven pieces of furniture are in it. Using the right furniture is not only important for your baby’s growth, but also makes it easier for you to organize and store any baby’s needs. Nursery decorations should also look creative, educational, inspirational and safe for them. So, paying attention to function and comfort is very important to create a dream nursery. And here are some mandatory furniture that you must have.

1. Baby bed

It is the main piece of furniture for any nursery décor. The crib should be adapted to the needs and the room. Sizes, models, and prices do vary, but the most important thing is that safety must be prioritized.


2. Changing table

Although often overlooked, the activity of changing diapers or putting on baby gear is actually quite a hassle. That’s why, the presence of changing tables makes this activity much more comfortable and enjoyable.


3. Baby wardrobe

Whether we realize it or not, there are a lot of things and baby needs. So choose a storage area that can accommodate everything. A baby’s wardrobe, for example, should be able to accommodate clothes and accessories that must be hung and also drawers for storing small items. You can also choose a wardrobe with natural accents that feel soothing.


4. Nursing chair

A comfortable chair or sofa in the corner nursery supports breastfeeding, sleeping, and reading stories to your little one. In addition, the presence of a nursing chair also makes the baby’s room look more aesthetic.


5. Side table

The side table makes it easy for you to store items that your little one often needs. For example, milk bottles, story books, or any equipment that is easy to get. Usually the side table is placed near the nursing chair with a similar design.


6. Functional rack

From story books, toys, to other baby items, you can put them in storage boxes and arrange them on this versatile shelf.


7. Nursery rug

Rugs not only make the nursery look more beautiful, but also as a safe medium for playing. Wool is one of the best rug materials because it is comfortable and does not contain chemicals. So you feel comfortable when you let your little one play under the floor.


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