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Lovevery review + discount code | Marissa Vicario

When I was pregnant, I swore I wouldn’t let subscription boxes suck me in, but indeed the Lovevery Playkit did. Much to my surprise, I’m actually happy about it! Keep reading for my Lovevery review + discount code for $20 off.


There comes a time in your child’s life when you realize that making silly faces and singing lullabies isn’t cutting it anymore. You wonder if they need more stimulation from toys (yes, they do) and what toys those may be. You enter down the Amazon rabbit hole, spend hours reading reviews and end up with a cart full of toys you’re still not confident will fit the bill.

At least that’s how it happened with me. We’re fairly minimalist so I wanted to invest in well-made, non-toxic, educational and developmentally appropriate toys for Valentina. Lovevery checks all those boxes.

Lovevery review + discount code | Marissa Vicario | Lovevery Spinning Rainbow

These are some of the reasons I love Lovevery for Valentina:

  • Many Lovevery toys are Montessori-based. I have fond memories of my own early Montessori experience
  • The toys are well-made and developmentally appropriate
  • The enclosed guide is helpful with suggestions for introducing the toys and using them to engage your little one
  • Many toys have a longer life than just the current developmental stage
  • The Lovevery subscriber emails offer even more play ideas beyond the toys in the kit
  • Lovevery includes at least one board book in most of the kits
  • Valentina has taken to all the toys so far and hasn’t easily tired of them like she has other toys

If you’d like to try Lovevery, click here to use my Lovevery discount code for $20 off your purchase.

Lovevery review + discount code | Marissa Vicario | Lovevery Montessori ball

Pro Tip: A fellow mom said that her 10-month-old son engaged more with the 7-8 month box than with the 9-10 month box. Knowing that, I started with the box that was one developmental stage behind Valentina. Also, because Valentina is a preemie, this made sense and it’s seemed to work well. It’s something to consider when making your purchase. You know your baby best.


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