Learn How to Fly Fish With the Far Bank Online Fishing School

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The decision to get into fly fishing can be daunting. Figuring out where to start is half the battle.

My dad is a fly fisherman — a dry fly fisherman. My early childhood was spent on the banks of the Clark Fork, the Blackfoot, and the Bitterroot. For those only familiar with the Hollywood version of fly fishing, the setting for my youth was Norman Maclean’s backyard.

So why, in an article centered around the intimidation of learning fly fishing, am I telling you an origin story about being born into it? It’s pretty simple: There’s still so much I don’t know.

Cut Through Intimidation and Get on the Water

I think fly fishing, in particular, can be an overwhelming skill to pick up. For me, the addition of this unspoken pressure that comes with being born in the middle of a fly fishing hub to a talented, lifelong fly fisherman only exacerbates that intimidation factor.

Though I do it often, love it, and am surrounded by it, I still enjoy furthering my skills.

I’ve read the books and watched the old “Learn to Cast” series. I’ve toyed with the idea of hiring a guide, under the guise of never having touched a rod in my life — all with the intent of being taught from scratch.

But I’m always looking out for more, and the Far Bank Fly Fishing School is a great new addition to my creel.

Far Bank Fly Fishing School

Far Bank — a longtime leader of gear and expertise in the fly fishing community — has released a series of videos that walk you through each part of the tradition, from the very basics to the logistics of catching fish.

This series is available at no cost on both the company’s website and its YouTube channel. Simon Gawesworth — recipient of the Lifetime Teaching Award by Fly Fishers International — offers his world-renowned expertise in a casual and super approachable fashion.

Read: It’s educational without being overwhelming.

Far Bank’s “New to Fly” series consists of six episodes:

  1. What is Fly Fishing?
  2. Basics of Fly Fishing Gear
  3. Essential Knots
  4. Making the First Cast
  5. Basic River Fly Fishing Tactics
  6. Basic Lake Fly Fishing Tactics

I’ve watched this series in its entirety. It’s one of the best I’ve seen to both teach a new generation of fly fishermen and refresh the ol’ regulars.

If you really want to dive in and learn directly from the pros, they also offer several in-person courses in various locations throughout the year. I’ve been considering asking Santa for one of these myself.

If you’re looking for the right gear to get yourself started, Far Bank offers excellent recommendations. And gear from Sage and Redington can be found throughout GearJunkie’s reviews.

Runtime: 18.5 minutes

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