Give Your Eyes a Break With These Colorful Kaleidoscopes

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Want to change your perspective? Pick up a kaleidoscope. These toys fill your vision with vibrant colors and geometric patterns. Kaleidoscopes are great gifts for the kids in your life, but you might want to keep one on your desk for when you need a break.

Most kaleidoscopes have a series of mirrors inside. The mirrors are typically long and narrow, facing each other in a circle. This pattern of mirrors reflects the image that’s on the other end of the kaleidoscope. The result is a captivating spread of colors and shapes.

While most kaleidoscopes function in a similar manner, each product has a unique design. If you’re buying a kaleidoscope as a gift for a child, it’s typically best to look for a simple cylindrical design. However, adults might enjoy a complex or custom product.

To help you focus your search, here are some of the best kaleidoscopes available online.



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