Explore a New Kind of Science Project With These Soap Making Kits for Kids

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Finding ways to keep kids engaged and interested in activities that don’t involve a screen can be difficult. Parents, teachers and caregivers often feel like they’re constantly searching for new toys and books that appeal to a child’s ever-changing list of interests. If that shiny new thing has an educational element, even better. That’s why we are fans of make-your-own soap kits for kids, which touches on several learning skills and is a hit with kids.

Budding scientists will have fun making their own soap creations, using beakers, measuring cups and molds that are designed for their small hands. Children’s senses, including touch, smell and sight, are all activated while following the required steps. Reading instructions, measuring liquid, and working with the ingredients give kids a chance for hands-on learning, which also improves their motor skills.

Most of the kits included on our list require some adult supervision, but older users will also have fun working on a project that the whole family can enjoy. For an activity that smells great and is an excellent learning tool, we recommend make-your-own soap kits for kids.

Make Your Own Soap Kit

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