Dog Educational Toy Interactive Slow Feeder

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Vendor: MaviGadget
Type: Pet Bowls, Feeders & Waterers
Price: 26.95

This treat-dispensing toy isn't just a fun toy for your four-legged friend; it is also a great mental exercise toy to train and stimulate your pet's mind and senses

[Slow Feeder] Is your pet eating too fast or too much? This interactive puzzle can make your pet eat slower, and prevent any stomach problems

[Colorful Design] Slow Feeders with colorful designs are great at stimulating your pet's visual senses. This puzzle toy keeps your pets mind healthy and active

[Training Pets Sense of Smell] A dog's sense of smell will slowly degrade when it is raised at home and indoors. With our Interactive Dog Puzzle, your dog can use its sense of smell to find the food they love

Type: Dogs
Material: Plastic

Package Included: 1 x Dog Educational Toy Interactive Slow Feeder 

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