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Vendor: ALEX
Price: 17.75

ALEX Ready, Set, Bodies
Art with a purpose — that is Ready, Set, Bodies. More than a mere craft kit, Ready, Set, Bodies gives your child a hands-on look at a few of the many parts of which he is made. He will build a lung, assemble a skeleton, and floss out food from between his "teeth."

Ready, Set, Bodies is packed with eight child-friendly activities that each mimic a function or system of the body. Instructions are pictorial, so no reading is required, and the assortment of crafts are all fun, easy, and informative. Everything you need is included, even an awesome giant glue stick. With just a sprinkling of interesting body facts, Ready, Set, Bodies is educational without being overwhelming.

Ready, Set, Bodies includes: printed paper board shapes, printed paper shapes, stickers, paper tape, glue stick, shredded tissue paper, pre-cut acrylic yarn, paper cups, pipe cleaners, paper straw, paper bag, and instructions.


  • 20 printed paper board shapes
  • 6 printed paper shapes
  • 269 stickers
  • paper tape
  • glue stick
  • 2 colors shredded tissue paper
  • 2 pieces of pre-cut acrylic yarn in 2 colors
  • 7 paper cups
  • 18 pipe cleaners
  • 8" paper straw
  • paper bag
  • fun fact instructions

  • Manufacturer: ALEX Toys
    Age Recommendation: 4+
    Activities Included: 8
    Pieces: 328
    Faith-Based: No

    WARNING! Not suitable for children under 36 months. Strangulation hazard due to long cord.
    WARNING: Please remove all packaging material before giving the product to a child. Retain packaging for future reference. Contents may vary from those listed or shown.

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