Cruise Through Bath Time With Boat Toys for the Tub

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Pictures of children happily smiling in bathtubs while surrounded by bubbles are easy to find. They dominate ads for children’s stores and books on parenting. But not all kids love bath time. Instead of a soothing nightly ritual that helps get babies and kids clean and relaxed before bed, bath time can be a nightly battle between parents and their tots. Want to make bath time your child’s favorite part of the day? It’s time for boat toys for the bathtub.

Sure, adding even more toys to your child’s growing collection may not be ideal, but toys for the bathtub are a great way to keep children entertained and active in the bath, which can help tire them out before bed. This also gives parents a chance to sit down for more than two minutes. It’s a win-win. Boat toys spark a child’s imagination, improve their pincher grasp, and help them learn new words, like ‘boat,’ ‘captain,’ and ‘sail.’

When looking for a toy for the tub, it’s essential to get one that is specially designed to be used in water. These toys typically float, are lightweight and won’t hold water, which can lead to mildew build-up.

Make bath time the best time of the day with these fun and educational boat toys for the tub.


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