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This week on Catching up with the Kelnhofers, you can get a sneak peak at the kids Halloween costumes and enjoy a look at our quintessential fall day.

Kids in Halloween costumes

We had the most quintessential fall day, we visited a pumpkin patch, carved pumpkins and made pumpkin bread. 

It was my first time visiting an actual pumpkin patch where the pumpkins grow on the ground! It was just amazing to see. 

Then we carved pumpkins and made pumpkin bread. We turned them into muffins vs. a loaf (just adjust bake time to 25 minutes, or until a toothpick comes out clean.)

Fall activities

Frankie got super mad when we tried to remove the muffin wrapper.

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Sharing the latest posts up on

Sausage puff pastry appetizers and potato soup
Sausage puff pastry appetizer | Baked potato soup

What I made newsletter header

  • For snacks this week, I made a double batch of these energy balls without dates (they freeze really well too!)
  • One day when I didn’t feel like cooking, I almost cried happy tears because I had a chicken broccoli alfredo meal made in the freezer so we just heated it up and yum!
4 different soups
Chicken gnocchi soup | Corn cauliflower chowder | Butternut squash | Minestrone soup

What to Make newsletter header

Potatoes are in season, here are some of my favorite ways to use them!

Potato dishes
Mashed potatoes | Pot roast | Potato soup without bacon

Reader comments header

This pumpkin loaf is an all-time favorite recipe of mine and many of my readers, including those who left the comments below.

  • “Truly delightful texture and flavor– made as muffins (yield 20) and cook time was about 25 minutes.”
  • “Turns out, it was AWESOME. “Delicious and moist”. We might opt to ramp up the spice levels for the added volume next time around, but that’s definitely the way to go, for us, anyway.

Pumpkin loaf

AND perfect for apple season!

  • “Just made these with apples and cinnamon. They were delicious and easy to make. Put some whipping on top and gobbled them down. Gonna try other fruits next time. 

Reader Recreations Header

These white chocolate peanut grape bites are a great snack and mean so much to me because they are a family recipe passed down to me!  So, it’s great to see you (my readers!) making them too – and they looks tasty!

White chocolate peanut grapes on a red plate

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  • This fleece that is super affordable and perfect for fall and transitioning into winter!
Gray fleece

What I'm Reading header

  • Taking a departure from novels and reading Open Book by Jessica Simpson and whoa is it good, and emotional, and surprising. I’m two chapters in and have cried multiple times. People have definitely underestimated her – like when she casually lets it drop that her fashion company surpassed a billion dollars. The story is really engaging and I’m really loving it to be honest. 
Open Book by Jessica Simpson
Open Book
  • Patiently waiting for Laine Moriarty’s new book called Apples Never Fall from the library, cannot wait!
Apples Never Fall
Apples Never Fall
  • Adding The Santa Suit by Mary Kay Andrews to my winter reading list, it sounds super cute and festive, and it’s a short novella!
The Santa Suit
The Santa Suit

Personal Stories header

  • 3 Kids playing quietly– what dreams are made of. I won’t ever forget this moment, the 3 kids were playing quietly together, nicely, for an hour. It was amazing. I snapped just a quick pic to commemorate, then walked away and made dinner!

3 kids playing

  • Picking presents for Santa’s list – We got a catalog in the mail from Fat Brain Toys (educational toys, we got a wooden ‘tool cart’ for Freddie last year and he and the others STILL play with it!) and Frankie was pointing at things she wanted the Elves to start making. 

Frankie looking at catalog

  • Cute moments – random cute moments from the week

Cute moments

  • Halloween costume preview: We’d been asking the kids for weeks what they wanted to be for halloween, their costumes came, and we did a try on. Ben and Frankie LOVE their costumes and kept asking to play outside dressed up (I let them because hey, if they can wear them a few times I consider it a win.) Freddie, not so much, had a complete meltdown and refused to even go outside in it. 

Halloween costumes

Weekly Meal Plan

Can’t decide what to make? We have an amazing meal plan that we publish weekly, every Saturday.  With each plan, you’ll get ideas for 5 days of breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and a treat… And, a super easy to create grocery list.

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  • STEAK!! If you’re looking for truly amazing high quality grass fed steak shipped right to your door, Gibson’s Restaurant Group is now offering steak boxes for purchase. Yes, they’re a little pricey, but you can honestly taste the difference, so so good. Use code SAVE15PK to save 15% on the Game Day Box.
  • Here steak is served with roasted squash and sweet potatoes
Steak with potatoes and squash
Roasted squash and sweet potatoes


Halloween Baking Championship
Halloween Baking Championship


  • You may have seen this IG post where I shared about Gibson’s Steak Shop delivering high quality grassfed beef products sourced directly from Australia (and omg the Seasoning Salt – so so good!!) or in the above EAT section, but it’s so good I thought I’d mention it again!! Perfect for game day grilling and sharing with friends, or a gift for someone special (think a unique Christmas gift!)

Gibson's Steak Box

  • Use code SAVE15PK to save 15% on the Game Day Box!
  • Hanna Anderson is having their Friends and Family sale through 10/24 with 40% off everything. You already know I’m obsessed with the Gnome Sweet Gnome jammies, but really, all their clothes are very high quality, I always recommend them. 
Hanna Andersson Gnome PJs
Gnome pajamas

What are your Halloween plans? Just leave a comment below and let me know, I love hearing from you!

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