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October Fun with Bluebee Pals!


We love to see children smiling and laughing during the Halloween Season. This holiday provides an equalizer for everyone to express themselves through dressing in fun costumes and trick-treating with family and friends. We recommend a few of the below Halloween Apps to share with your children!






First Words Halloween by Learning Touch is a fun universal app aimed at preschoolers that includes 54 Halloween themed spelling words like hat, broom.  Each word is illustrated and has sound effects as they are completed.  A fun themed way to pass time and teach sight words.




Toca Mystery House by Toca Boca is a fun free haunted house app aimed at elementary school age children where various items you touch have different actions like the mystery noise from the basement or opening drawers to see what you find.  This app is a mix of fun without being too scary!



Zoo Train by Busy Bee Studio includes various animals, trains, puzzles, music and alphabet practice.  Kids can build trains, make short words and build tracks and even make music!  This is a classic that is great for those quick distraction moments with kids and keeps them learning!




Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown by Loud Crow Interactive takes the Great Pumpkin move to new interactive heights.  It reminds me of a paper cut book with pop out animation, music by Schroeder’s piano and interactive narration.



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