8 Benefits of Giving Your Kids Plush Toys

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Kids love plush toys. They’re soft, cuddly and can go anywhere with them. Even adults love when they can squeeze a stuffed toy, and you probably remember having a plush animal as a child!

Parents may choose other toys over the plush ones. Maybe it’s because they want their child to have educational toys or develop skills with sensory toys. However, a plush toy can provide both of those benefits and even more. When someone gives a child a stuffed toy, they can relate to it and attach emotions to it since, most of the time, a plush toy represents something in reality. 

Many children receive a plush toy as one of their first gifts, and there’s a reason to give them a few more throughout their childhood. Below are eight benefits of giving your kids plush toys.  

Offers Comfort

First and foremost, a plush toy provides a wealth of comfort for your child. For kids, life can get scary. There are always new experiences around the corner that can bring feelings of fear and anxiety. 

When kids have their favorite stuffed animal with them, they can release those feelings as they squeeze the toy or give it a hug. It offers a sense of familiarity in unfamiliar surroundings. Plus, it makes the situation a more positive experience overall.

Provides Sentimental Value

When your child grows up, there may be a few things from their childhood that they hold onto as a lasting sentimental memory, and many times, that item is a plush toy. Every experience your child has with a favorite plush toy adds to that sentimental value. 

As soon as you give your child a plush toy, they will begin associating their feelings with it. The emotional attachment and memories your child makes with the toy will last long into adulthood.

Encourages Independence

Plush toys also encourage independence in your child. When a child has a plush toy in hand, they can feel like they always have someone with them, even when a parent isn’t around. 

A plush toy offers a feeling of protection for a child. They can make that step out into the world and begin to explore on their own. 

Helps Them Practice Communication Skills

Have you ever noticed your child talking to their toys or using toys to make up a scenario? From the outside, it may seem like your child is just playing and having fun. However, this helps them practice their communication and speaking skills. 

Children often talk to their stuffed animals and use care with their words as if they were talking to humans. The more children speak, the better their language skills will be. Provide them with a few stuffed toys and watch their communication skills improve.

Builds Confidence

As children grow and develop, one of the skills they learn to build is confidence. A plush toy can help them gain confidence! Related to the previous benefit, when children can practice communication skills with plush toys, they can grow their confidence to have conversations with people. 

With a plush toy, your child will be willing to try new things and go on new adventures. Things will seem less scary, and your child can feel good about the choices they make when they have a plush animal to rely on. 

Gives Them a First Friend

Stuffed animals provide that friendship that not every toy can give. Your child likely will take a plush animal along with them rather than a soccer ball or play dough. They can interact with a stuffed animal like it’s one of their friends.

A plush toy can also help your child gain other friends. At daycare or during a playdate, your child will want to show off their friend to another person, which can be the start of a great human-to-human friendship.

Enhances Sensory Skills

Plush toys are soft, fuzzy and squishable. Plus, the toys come in a variety of colors, sizes and types. There are animals, princesses and even superhero characters in stuffed toy form. 

Each time your little one touches or sees the vivid colors of a plush toy, they develop their senses. Exposing your kids to multiple plush toys offers them various experiences to enhance their sensory skills.

Increases Responsibility

Children have an innate sense to care for something. They see you nurturing them or their siblings and want to copy your actions. They can do that with a plush animal. 

Kids will often care for a plush toy like you would a baby. This includes clothing them, making a bed for them, pretending to feed the toy or even host parties for them. Your child feels responsible for taking care of their stuffed animal. Plus, your child is responsible for locating their plush toy if they were to leave it behind somewhere.

Give Your Kids the Gift That Keeps on Giving 

Plush toys offer your kids so many benefits that other toys can’t provide. When you give your child a stuffed toy, their face will light up. They’ll remember the toy long into adulthood and will have a forever memory of their first friend. 

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