70+ Summer Strewing Ideas for Your Homeschool

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70+ Summer Strewing Ideas for Your Homeschool

Strewing can be a great way to keep your kids busy this summer – or during any break from homeschooling. This post is packed full of summer strewing ideas for you!

Strewing is kind of a strange word, isn’t it? The act of strewing is quite simple though, you basically scattering educational things about for your children to discover and do. I used to call this practice in our homeschool “summer centers”, but it can also be called summer baskets, summer activity boxes, etc.

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Strewing can be themed or not. So let’s say your child loves horses. You can create a little center with horse-themed books, coloring books, stickers, craft kits, toys, games, etc. Here are some examples of what you could include:


Here’s another example of a patriotic themed learning center I created a few years back.

No themes are necessary, though! Simply gather a handful of educational things to place around the house. I like to use small tables, bookshelves, and/or baskets in the corner of a room. Anywhere the materials can be easily seen and accessed by bored kids, but relatively contained to keep the house tidy is good for me.

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