22 Dinosaur Gifts for 3 Year Olds They’ll Love

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Dinosaurs are a natural obsession with most kids, and many will tell you exactly why the T-Rex is the best out of all the dinos. So, if you need the perfect Christmas gift or birthday gift, consider buying some dinosaur gifts for 3 year olds.

How to Pick the Best Dinosaur Gifts

Dinosaurs are hugely popular, so it’s natural that you’ll find hundreds of dinosaur toys in the toys. The choice may be overwhelming.

Here are some tips for picking the perfect dinosaur gift for kids.

Consider Educational Gifts

Educational gifts that allow kids to explore and learn about their favorite dinosaurs are always a hit, and parents love them as well.

Needs to Be Fun

Toys need to be fun! If it’s not fun and engaging, it ends up at the bottom of the toy box, never used. Kids won’t invest time into playing with something not fun for them.

Pick Realistic Dinosaurs for Older Kids

Little kids, like toddlers, do best with cartoon and less realistic dinosaurs. Some real-life ones may be too scary, but the perfect dinosaur gifts for 5 year olds will be realistic figures that encourage creative play.

Open-Ended Play is Best

I watch my son put together some creative games with his dinosaur toys. Figures and playsets are perfect for this; they have no definite rule, so kids use their imagination to create something new.

22 Best Dinosaur Gifts for 3 Year Olds

1. Dinosaur Matching and Sorting Game

This dinosaur matching and sorting game may be used in many ways. It encourages early math skills – something we love! – and builds social skills.

The game comes with color stacking cups, a dinosaur-shaped grabber, 48 figures, two game dice, and a travel dinosaur backpack. This game works for kids 2 years old and up.

2. Dinosaur Figure Set and Play Mat

This is one of the best dinosaur toys on the market. It comes with a play mat made with vibrant colors and several dinosaur toys. Kids spend hours with this great toy, and the dinos are the perfect size for small hands – not too big but not too small.

3. 12 Realistic Dinosaur Figurines

This set of 12 realistic different dinosaurs is perfect gift for 3 year olds. They look close to real-life, so your child will use these for pretend play. Each time, they’ll look for a new way to use them. It’s seriously the perfect gift for any dino lover.

4. Interactive Dinosaur Sound Book and Figures

Here is another awesome dinosaur toy – a book with realistic sounds and seven dinosaur figures. The book is perfect for a little dinosaur lover, and they get to learn the sounds that scientists think each dino made. Then, they play with the figures as they listen to the book.

5. KidTastic STEM Dinosaur Construct and Play

KidTastic makes fantastic construction toys for building engineers. With this dinosaur toy, kids can let their imagination run, building and creating new dinosaurs. This toy has chunky pieces so you don’t have to worry about little kids choking.

6. Take Apart Dinosaur Toys

This set of construction toys is similar to KidTastic, but the dinosaurs look more realistic. That is more encouraging and learns to creative play for older kids.

7. Dinosaur Pull-Back Cars

If you’re looking for dinosaur stocking stuffers, these dino pull-back toys are a great gift. Kids simply pull the cars back and let them go, watching them race off on the floor. They’re really a fun toy to have!

8. RC Velociraptor Toy

All kids love remote control cars, and this RC velociraptor is such a fun toy. It’s ideal for older kids because they need to know how to use a remote control dinosaur and send it where they want it to go. The dinosaur makes realistic sound effects. Kids really love this.

9. Mini Dinosaur Figurine Set

For older children, consider this mini dinosaur figurine set. It contains 78 different dinos, all created with vibrant colors. I wouldn’t give this set to younger children simply because of the size of each dinosaur. They might pose a choking hazard, but an older kid who loves pretend play will enjoy the endless possibilities.

10. Plush Dinosaurs for Cuddling

This set of plushie dinosaurs comes with four 10-inch soft stuffed dinos. Toddlers will love these adorable looking dinosaurs that are brightly colored and the perfect size for little hands.

11. Dinosaur Species World Blanket

Here is an educational gift for your child – a dinosaur world blanket. This blanket shows the entire world and what dinosaurs lived on each continent. Many kids have no idea that all dinosaurs didn’t live everywhere; species were specific to ares throughout the world.

12. Dinosaur Car Seat Poncho

I love this; it’s one of the unique dinosaur gifts that kids will use all the time. If you live somewhere that is cold, your child can slip on this dinosaur car seat poncho before getting in their car seat. It keeps them warm in their car seat without getting in the way of their harness.

What kid doesn’t want to wear a dinosaur poncho?

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13. 12 Dinosaur Eggs Dig

Every kid wants to receive a dinosaur egg kit as one of their Christmas gifts. Each egg typically contains different dinosaurs, and they get to use their fine motor skills to break open the egg, revealing their new discovery. Since most dino egg sets are different, no kid can receive too many of these!

14. Jumbo Dino Egg

Another option for a dinosaur egg kit is this jumbo dino egg. They have to use their problem-solving skills to open up this egg, revealing 12 different dinosaurs in one egg.

15. Dinosaur Light-Up Terrarium Kit

The age recommendations for this terrarium, but kids between three and five years old will enjoy this as well. Parents help their child create the terrarium; it looks great in their bedroom on a shelf.

16. Little Dinosaur Box

Your kids will definitely think this is one of the best dinosaur gifts – the Little Dinosaur Box. The box contains different dinosaur figures, a Tyrannosaurus rex keychain, a mini puzzle, and more. A little dino lover will love this gift.

17. Jurassic World Memory Matching Game

All kids love memory matching games; they work on cognitive development and short term memory skills. This Jurassic World matching game is a great choice for parents who want to provide educational games for their kids for Christmas gifts. Kids spread out the cards and try to find the matching by flipping over two at a time.

18. Melissa & Doug Dinosaur Floor Puzzle

My son loves this huge floor dinosaur puzzle. It’s fun to put together, but complex with 48 pieces so they won’t get sick of putting it together too quickly.

19. Melissa & Doug Dinosaur Puzzles

If your dino lover also loves puzzles, grab this set of dinosaur puzzles by Melissa & Doug. Each wooden puzzle comes in a wooden box for easy storage, giving kids hours of fun putting the puzzles and taking them apart. My son especially loves to take them apart!

All kids love dinosaur puzzles!

20. Melissa & Doug Dinosaur Magnets

Another one of the best dinosaur gifts is these dinosaur magnets that come in a wooden box. Kids can put them on the fridge or make creative play with them. The size is perfect for small hands.

21. Personalized Dinosaur Book for Kids

Here’s another one of the best dinosaur gifts for kids – a personalized dinosaur book for kids. Each book is made specially for your child, making it the perfect gift for their birthday.

22. Early Explorers Subscription – Little Passports

One of the best educational gifts for kids who are interested in dinosaurs is a subscription to Early Explorers by Little Passports. This subscription focuses on learning about dinosaurs, the ocean, and other animals kids love. It’s designed for kids 3 to 5 years old and includes activities and different stickers or gifts for them each month.

Whether you’re looking for the perfect dinosaur gifts for Christmas or a birthday party, all little kids will love these gifts.

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